Deanie, Zachary, and I took the Christmas/New Year's week off to hang out in St. John and relax (well, as much as a 13 year old can relax).  We flew down on December 23rd, and came back on December 31st.  Since this is a busy period for the airlines, we couldn't use our frequent flyer miles for coach seats - they (United Airlines) would only let us buy first class seats.  So, they wiped out my FF miles, but we flew down in style.

You get to St. John by flying into Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, and then either taking a 45 minute ferry ride to Cruz Bay on St. John, or else you take a taxi to Red Hook and then take a 20 minute ferry to St. John. Six of one, half dozen of the other by the time you get through with the time and money.

The National Park Service has a web page for St. John, since 2/3 of the island is National Park (donated by the Rockefellers - dang, it's handy to be filthy rich).

I don't have any pictures of it, but I took a 10 mile out and back hike one day.   A path leads from Cinnamon Bay south (the Cinnamon Bay Trail) up the hill to the main road running down the center of the island.  That's about a mile long.   Then there's a mile long walk down the main road to the Reef Bay Trail, which runs 3.2 miles downhill to some petroglyphs on a short side trail and Reef Bay on the south shore of the island.  Deanie and Zach met me on the main road and accompanied me down to Reef Bay.  They then took a boat back to Cruz Bay with some people on a hike with a National Park Ranger, and I walked back the way I came.

The small picture links to a page with a larger version of the picture (and sometimes more than one) with a longer description of our activities and/or sightseeing.




St. Thomas Ferry Ferry_Ride.jpg (30706 bytes) 45 minute boat ride from Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas.
Taxi - St. John Taxi_Ride.jpg (30515 bytes) 15 minute taxi ride from Cruz Bay to Cinnamon Bay.
Cinnamon Bay Campground Walk Cinnamon_Bay_Walk.jpg (17079 bytes) Main path from entrance to campsites.
Cinnamon Bay Tent at Night Cinnamon_Bay_Tent.jpg (28895 bytes) Home sweet home (for a week, anyway).
Cinnamon Bay Beach Cinnamon_Bay_Beach.jpg (20997 bytes) About a 2 minute walk from our tent - we could hear the waves crashing at night.
Caneel Bay Sugar Plantation Ruins Caneel_Bay.jpg (37860 bytes) The "old" Rockefeller compound, now a resort.
St. Thomas for a day St_Thomas.jpg (11787 bytes) The beach near Red Hook in St. Thomas.
Parasailing Parasailing_2.jpg (11359 bytes) Zach and I went tandem parasailing out of Caneel Bay.
Sailing Sailing.jpg (13769 bytes) Rented a Trimaran for the afternoon.
Underwater Zach_underwater.jpg (13844 bytes) Hey, look - fish!

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