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After getting into the airport on St. Thomas, we took a communal taxi into Charlotte Amalie to catch the ferry to St. John. While not quite a third world country, St. Thomas seems somewhat rattier, more primitive, and less cared for than equipment and places here in the USA. I think Zachary became a bit wierded out by it.  Anyway, we get to this beat up boat at the wharf in Charlotte Amalie, chuck out bags in the back, and climb on.  Time runs at a different pace in the islands as well - no rushing allowed.  The boat pulled out sometime near the scheduled time, but no one seemed particularly concerned about getting out on schedule.  What's the rush?

Anyway, the waves weren't bad, the sky was beautiful, it was 80 degrees F, and there were islands, shoreline, and other boats to look at during the 45 minute ride around the south shore of St. Thomas over to Cruz Bay in St. John. We pulled up to the wharf and they threw all the bags off the back of the boat into a pile, which the passengers sorted through.

Next, we walked down the wharf to the taxi stand to try to get to Cinnamon Bay.

Coming home, we took the 20 minute ferry ride to Red Hook, on the east end of St. Thomas, and then took a taxi to the airport from there.  It took a bit longer this way, but minimized the time on the water and the potential for motion sickness on my part.   I rationalized it by claiming to my family that it would give us a chance to drive through a section of St. Thomas that we hadn't seen.

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