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Marc J. Zeitlin

You wanna see me and my friends?

Howdy. This is me, sitting on the deck, reading, in December of 2008.

My bio resides here.

Here's my son, Zachary. In the distant past, he held the position of honorary Aircraft Manufacturing Assistant although I've got to say, patience in building is not exactly his forte'.

This particular picture shows him in a eating a bowl of cereal on the deck over the 2008 Christmas school break. He came out for a visit with his cousin during their vacation.

He was graduated from Syracuse University in May, 2009 from the Whitman School of Management and was a member of the SAE fraternity.

He did an internship at Fidelity, marketing 401K programs for the summer of 2007 and worked in a pizza shop for the summer of 2008. He's currently operating his own sales business in the greater NY area with over 25 employees and two field offices.

I am extremely proud of him. Especially considering the hell he put us through in high school, and the distance he's come since then.


My father died on January 6th, 2007. I've put the funeral service on line for those who were not able to attend.


In April, 2005 Scaled Composites offered me a job in Mojave, CA and I accepted. On August 24th we began our journey west. I've got an account of the trip on my other web site (the COZY one), since I flew the plane from MA to CA over the course of a week.

I've begun keeping a intermittent record of our experiences in CA.

Building a House in Tehachapi, CA - As of February, 2007, we started building, and as of 4/10/2008, we moved in. I've created a photo gallery to peruse the unbelievably painful and stressful build process (at least for a class A control freak such as myself).




  1. Minimal Documentation - Abstract
  2. Designing Plastic Parts with SolidDesigner - Workshop Abstract

Engineering the Vision at Hewlett Packard (No Longer Available)


I built this airplane (a Cozy-MKIV) in my spare time (besides all the house, car and motorcycle work).

picture of a Cozy-MKIV

If you have an interest in reading about my progress in building and flying this plane see:

I've maintained a running commentary (with illustrations) of what I do.

If you'd like to know about COZY aircraft in general, or about the COZY mailing list I administer, or about other links to aviation related (especially homebuilt aviation), visit:



What I like:

What I DON'T like:

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