Deanie, Zachary, and I took two weeks off (August 17th through September 1st) to travel around the Alaska. We flew into Anchorage International Airport, rented a 24 ft. recreational vehicle and off we went.

I present here our itinerary (if you think the Western Vacation's itinerary was thin, the ONLY thing we knew about this vacation when we left Boston was that we were going to Anchorage and had to return the RV on August 31st.  Talk about a lack of planning and foresight. . . .). If the National Park Service has a web page for the place, I have linked the name to that page.

The small picture representative of the place links to a page with a larger version of the picture with a slightly longer description, along with other links to the place (if I could find some on Yahoo or somewhere).




Bears (What, not where) bears_sm.jpg (1939 bytes) Before even getting to Denali National Park, we saw this bear ambling around next to the highway.
Denali National Park - 1 denali_overlook_sm.jpg (3058 bytes) Zach and I at an overlook while taking the full day bus tour into the park.
Denali National Park - 2 denali_mt_healy_sm.jpg (3134 bytes) Zach at the top of the Mt. Healy Overlook.  We hiked up - Deanie went halfway.
Denali Highway denali_highway_sm.jpg (1668 bytes) Looking north toward the glaciers while driving on the 125 mile unpaved Denali Highway.
Richardson Highway richardson_sm.jpg (2926 bytes) Zach at a small glacier southbound on the way to Valdez.
Valdez valdez_sm.jpg (3012 bytes) At the fish slaughtering pier in Valdez. (and it's pronounced Val DEEZ, not Val Dez).
Thompson Pass Glacier thompson_sm.jpg (2226 bytes) At the Worthington glacier just north of Thompson Pass.
Our Home (What, not Where again) motorhome_sm.jpg (1609 bytes) This functioned as our home and our transportation while in Alaska.
Glenn Highway glenn_highway_sm.jpg (2514 bytes) A non-cloudy day at a lakefront campground on the Glenn Highway.  Zach found a friend.
Seward (wildlife/glacier cruise) seward_cruise_sm.jpg (3029 bytes) On a full day Wildlife/Glacier cruise in the bay.
Seward (fishing) seward_fishing_sm.jpg (2518 bytes) Another fishing town.
Anchorage na_s.jpg (1532 bytes) Winding down in Anchorage - first view of Denali.

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