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This was our rental R.V.  That's Deanie standing off to the side, for scale.  It's a 22 foot Class "C" (I have no clue what that means, except that it's not as big as a Class "B" or god forbid, Class "A", which can be mistaken for a functional equivalent of the battleship New Jersey if it's foggy out).  Considering how much it rained on us, it was pretty nice to be able to come in out of it, and not just into a soggy tent.  There's a bathroom (with shower), lights, heat, gas stove, microwave, toaster, oven refrigerator, and sleeping quarters for 6 small people, parts of which fold up into a couch and dining room.   Since there were only three of us, it was reasonably comfortable.

It's got a bizarre collection of power sources, ranging from a propane tank (for the stove, heat and refrigerator) to a set of dual 12 volt batteries (for the lights, toilet and sink) to a generator for 110 VAC (for the microwave and toaster).  There's a water tank and a holding tank for grey and black water.  We had to fill and empty the tanks about once every two days, give or take, and we had to refill the propane tank once.

It only gets about 9 MPG, but since we only drove about 100 miles each day on the average, the gas cost wasn't too bad.  We rented this thing from Great Alaskan Holidays in Anchorage, right near Anchorage airport.

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