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We were in Anchorage for about 3 hours at the start of our trip, to pick up the R.V. and get supplies (mostly food at the only "health food/organic" grocery we could find (the "New Sagaya", IIRC).  We stayed in the Holiday Inn downtown for two nights at the end of the trip - we needed to return the R.V., and had a day and a half to kill before our flight.  We did a lot of walking around downtown, as well as on the bay walk right on the water.   It's a decent walking city, as it's not too big (at least the downtown area).   There are a few parks that seem well kept up, and the one right near downtown is long, straight and flat, as it used to be an airstrip!

I'm not real big on visiting cities, so I can't go on too much about this one, however we did manage to catch our ONLY glimpse of Denali (the mountain) while walking along the waterfront.   It's difficult to describe the size of the thing, since Anchorage is about 125 miles away from Denali, but you can see the peak above the local hills as clear as a bell, and it looks huge even from that distance.

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