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The next day, the weather cleared somewhat and we decided to take a hike.  A path from the lodge (near the campground and visitor's center) lead up about 2.5 miles to the Mount Healy Overlook at the top of a small mountain.  Deanie went about 2/3 of the way up and stopped to read.  Zach and I continued to the top of the overlook.   This picture shows Zach at the top, overlooking the mountains on the far side of the Anchorage - Fairbanks road.  The cuts into the hill on the far side of the valley is a small development being built there.

To the left in the picture, the trail continues upward to Mt. Healy another 3 - 4 miles.  Zach and I decided that would be too far, so we hung out on the top of this hill and read for a while.  As you can see, the weather was decent, with 40 mile visibility or so.  The view was very nice from up here, and we could see two or three different mountain ranges.  The wind was humming, so we hunkered down behind some rocks to read.

One of the things that the Park Rangers drilled into our heads about 83 million times was how to deal with the fact that there are bears that can tear you in two all over the place.  The first hint is to avoid them (as they're trying to do with you).   They tell you to make a lot of noise as you wander down the path, so we sang a lot of songs and talked loudly to one another in a completely artificial manner.  It was very bizarre, but we didn't get eaten, so I guess it worked.  Apparently, more people are killed by moose in Alaska than bear (although I believe that statistic includes those killed when they drill a moose at night on the road in their car, so it's probably not a valid comparison, because it's not like the moose came gunning for them).

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