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So all the taxis on St. John seem to be built on the back of 4-wheel drive pickup trucks, customized to have either longitudinal or crosswise seating, a canvas covered roof, and some steps up to the seats.   Luggage goes under the seats, so don't have too much. The pricing to each point on the island is set, although it seems as though there's some leeway based on the number of passengers and the whim of the driver.

The roads on the island have not been substantially upgraded since Charlemagne's time, as far as I can tell - there are some areas where mountain goats would find it tough going. They are paved, for the most part, however, although the definition of paving changes depending upon where on the island you're going. The speed limit is 20 MPH in town, and 30 MPH on the rest of the island, so the taxis spend a lot of time climbing hills in low gear.  If you close your eyes, you can easily imagine you're on a roller coaster, without the safety bar, as they regularly exceed the speed limit by 50%.   The taxi drivers are friendly and generally helpful, you can always find one within 2 minutes, and since there are really only two main roads on the island, you can't get lost, either.

Here you see a completely relaxed vacationer enjoying the beautiful scenery and warm air while whizzing past Hawksnest Bay.

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