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We went Parasailing from the Caneel Bay dock.  Caneel bay is not visible, off to the left in the bottom photo.

Deanie's not particularly fond of heights, so she just stayed in the boat and took the picture at the top.  For those of you not familiar with Parasailing the basic idea is that you strap yourself into a parachute and get towed behind a boat.  You get up to about 400 ft., and the ride lasts about 15 minutes.  They cruise around in the water between St. John and St. Thomas.  In that top photo you can just barely see the parachute above the islands that stretch between St. Thomas and St. John, which are mostly uninhabited.

The bottom photo shows the rope connecting Zachary and me (we went tandem) to the boat down below, as well as a large cruise ship (Club Med, we were told) in the background, just in front of the Cruz Bay harbor.

Zach and I also went Jetskiing at the Weston Resort, south of Cruz Bay.  We hung out there on the beach for the afternoon and went jetskiing twice, for a total of 2 hours.   They took four to six jetskis with one or two people each on a hour tour of the islands north of St. John.  It's pretty exciting, actually, although you get totally drenched (we ended up as a submarine once, for about 3 seconds).  I also lost Deanie's sunglasses (thought they were mine....).  Same company as the Parasailing one.

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