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One afternoon when my parents and sister came over to St. John to visit, we rented a trimaran for the afternoon.  Deanie, Diane and I took a 1/2 hour lesson, and then they turned us loose in the bay.  I caught on pretty quickly, since it's all just wings and vectors and physics.  Diane started to figure out how to steer and adjust the sail, but Deanie took most of the afternoon getting the hang of it.  We went out three times with three different crews - my mother came once.  You can see Zach scrambling around on one of the pontoons, with an island just behind him.  The trimaran was pretty small - one person in the main hull, and one or two on each wing.   With three or four people it could still move pretty well if the breeze picked up.   It was a lot of fun, since the waves were small and the day was beautiful.

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