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Here's the reason we took this trip - the 80 degree F. waters of the Caribbean Sea. You can see the beach with Zachary in the water in both shots.  The bottom shot includes a pelican fishing for minnows just offshore.  At times, there were 10 - 15 pelicans clustering around, but they don't ever seem to bother humans (or notice them, for that matter). The island in the top photo is about 1/2 mile away (maybe a mile - it's really hard to tell), and the island to the left in the bottom shot is only about 150 yards offshore. There's pretty decent snorkeling all around it, and we took a couple of tours of the island reef (one clockwise and one counter-clockwise - aren't WE adventurous!).  There are a few patches of reef between the shore and the island as well.

We also went snorkeling at Hawksnest Bay and Trunk Bay (there's a 200 yard long underwater tour there).

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