You can see Zach standing out on a small overlook on an outcropping of rock right near the North Rim Lodge. Deanie wouldn't go out on these overlooks if you could see straight down from them, at least at this point in the trip. Later on, she became a bit more adventurous. You can see the Grand Canyon in the background (unless you have the eyesight of a mole).

We took a 2 mile hike down the north Kaibab Trail to the Supai Tunnel. You get a great view of the canyon just past the tunnel, as well as at many points on the way down (or up). You can get water at a spigot at the tunnel as well (although you certainly should carry enough to get in and out anyway).

You can retrieve a lot of information on Hiking the Grand Canyon, or on the Grand Canyon in general. The same links exist on the Grand Canyon - South Rim page of this travelogue.

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