Canyon de Chelly


Here you can see a view from the south rim of Canyon de Chelly, looking down on the riverbed about 700 feet below. The river had little water at that time, due to a severe lack of rain in the recent past. On the opposite side of the canyon, you can see a large cave with a small cliff dwelling ruin (like at Mesa Verde). Zachary and I took a hike into the canyon to view other ruins along side the river.

Canyon de Chelly has a guided scenic drive up both the north and south rims. Three to four hours for each does fine, plus any hiking time.

Due to the relative poverty of most of the inhabitants of the area, the Park Service has posted numerous warnings regarding locking vehicles and taking valuables. We had no trouble, and did not hear about anyone who had. Many vendors of Navajo jewelry, etc. set up at each of the overlooks - the Park Service and the Navajo nation (the Navajo own the whole of the park, and many Navajo live in the canyon during the summer months) have some sort of agreement that keeps that park free for visitors (including camping!) but allows vendors.

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